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Giulia Cairone’s work circulates around femininity, touch and emotions. The key driving force is the tension between disgust and beauty, fantasy and reality. Soft, perishable materials such as sugar, wax and perfume are combined with cosmetic latex and kiss stains, in the search for restructuring both the raw and the refined.

The objects linger in between the finished and the unfinished, between beauty and ugliness, cleanliness and impurity; pushing their materials towards new borders.

Giulia inspects what can be perceived as ‘bad taste’ within feminine aesthetics. Portraying excessive emotional reactions – being too sensitive or erratic – all too often related to femininity. The displayed objects are sensual, sexy and desirable, wanting to be wanted. The language used is intentionally overloaded with romantic, albeit harshly presented gestures, aiming for both directness and intimacy with the viewer. Swaying in the air in their semi-transparent existence, there are latex drapes kiss-marked in neon tones of pink, violet, red, cyan and yellow.


Giulia Cairone is an artist based in Stockholm. She is interested in making frank and sensual objects, celebrating femininity.





Master in Fine Art, Konstfack, University of Art, Craft and Design 2016-2018

Bachelor in Fine Art, Konstfack,  University of Art, Craft and Design 2012-2015

Higher Photographic Education, HFU Kulturama 2009-2010


Workshop/ Residences

Artist in Residency Yamanashi, Japan 2016

Nora Schultz, Terminal + (course), Salzburg Summer Academy, Austria 2015



Stockholm city culture grant for the project ”Exchange Stories”, 2018

Stiftelsen Sigurd och Elsa Goljes Minne, 2017

Stiftelsen Petersenska hemmet, 2017

Ulla Fröberg-Cramér Scholarship Fund, 2016

AAA Stiftelsen, 2016

Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa foundation, 2016

Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse, 2016

KKV 2015

Gustav och Ida Unmans donationsfond 2015

Public Representation

Stockholm konst 2020



Murder Magazine Issue n.2 special edition gift/artwork on cover, 2016





Ett hjärta, två stegar Melanders Fisk Östermalms Saluhall, Stockholm 2020

Con Affetto, Master degree show, Vita Havet Konstfack, Stockholm 2017

Soft sculptures for beds, Kofu Japan 2016

Mystic Caress, Bachelor degree show, Galleri Konstfack, Stockholm 2015



Lonely Hearts Club, with artist Hannah Clarkson Kungstensgatan 27, Stockholm 2019

Nav, collaboration with artist Marika Markström, curated by Antoine & Amanda Studio Stockholm 2017



Rising Action, show curated by Klimax, Stockholm, 2019

That Summer Feeling, Bångska Våningen, Stockholm, 2019

Experimentet Kludd, Stockholm 2019

Moving out exhibition in my apartment in Bredäng Stockholm, 2019 

 木漏れ日/Mångata, part of the project exchange stories, Bångska Våningen, Stockholm 2018

Konstfack, Spring exhibition, Stockholm 2018 

Mångata / 木漏れ日, part of the project exchange stories, Art Akiba Lab Tokyo, Tokyo 2017

Let go Let us go, Bångska våningen, Stockholm 2017 

Crum Heaven, Stockholm 2017

Plan B art festival, Borgarnes Island 2017

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