Part of the Spring exhibition 2018 Konstfack

Unknown worktitle

Showered in kisses. I shower your sun-kissed skin in kisses.

I drape myself over you. Drape my arm around your shoulders. Enfold you in my arms, embracing. So hard to peel away. Cut to a close-up of dewy skin, wet lips, smudged eyes. Soft focus. Dissolve.

Powders and lacquers and liquids and creams dabbed, painted, brushed, puffed, stroked, swept, blotted; contoured, framed, chiselled. Your visage and façade share a likeness, as painted faces and sculpted bodies. But I have lived, haven’t I, you can see in my sagging skin, my stretch marks, slackening pace and weathered frame. I am the magician’s assistant, sawn in half. Just as we are full of water, we are also full of holes.

Text by Florence Wild

Latex, acrylic, concrete, steel

Dimension variable